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Most frequent questions and answers

ApeTracks.com is a stock music library aimed to provide quality music for audio-visual media productions (film, video, radio etc).

ApeTracks.com is currently based in Indonesia. It was created by producers and filmmakers in search of a certain sound. With video production in mind, ApeTracks.com wants to provide premium music at a very affordable price.

Yes, all music on ApeTracks.com are original compositions and productions.

Yes, our music is cleared for you to use in your project. We want our customers to feel confident about purchasing music at ApeTracks.com. If you have any questions or doubts, please contact us.

Music which is Royalty Free, means that you only have to pay a one time fee to ApeTracks.com to purchase the right to use the music for as many times as you like and for as long as you like within the terms stated in the licensing agreement. In other words you have no additional fee to pay for however many times you use it.

Royalty free music does not mean copyright free music.

Currently none of the music on ApeTracks.com needs to be registered with performing rights organisations. Some tracks might require this in future and will be marked as “PRO” tracks.

Our licensing agreements will not include public performing rights. Please contact your local Performing rights organisation if you have any doubt as to whether your project could fall within the denomination of public performance.

We want to keep things as simple as possible. We have two music licensing options:

The Standard License will cover most of your needs and allows you to use the music for a number of popular uses such as: Internet videos, Corporate videos and many more. For details, please check our license page.

The Extended licensing agreement has the added advantage of covering use for advertising on TV and in theatres,

This License allows a single project to use the music in perpetuity.

The license page on our website(?) has more details. You can also contact us if you have difficulty deciding which license corresponds best to your needs.

The license allows you to use the music for yourself, your clients and your employer, both in a personal and in a professional context. Selling the music by itself is not allowed as well as transferring, bartering, trading, sharing, leasing or giving it away to a third person or party. In the same way the license also can not be subleased. The music acquired from ApeTracks.com cannot be resold other than as an integral part of your finished end product. Adding instruments or vocals or in anyway rearranging the music does not allow you to market it as your own; for example you cannot sing on top of the music and then sell or distribute it as your own song.

The above also applies to music on our website, that we may offer free, and includes watermarked previews. For further information please check out the Limitations of Use section in our licensing agreement.

Please contact us if you are uncertain as to whether the use you want to make of our music falls within our Limitations of Use.

As soon as your transaction is finalized and processed, you will automatically receive a Download-Link. We also send a link simultaneously to the email address that you have provided. Sometimes the downloaded instructions can end up in a “junk” or “Spam” folder, please check before contacting us. You can also retrieve the download from your account if you are a ApeTracks.com member

It is imperative that cue sheets are completed and turned in for all productions that are broadcasted publicly, such as TV, radio, films, theatrical productions as well as advertisements. This is to ensure that the composers are compensated by the corresponding Performing Rights Organisations. You can download a ‘cue sheets template’ here.

Please contact your local Performing Rights Organisation if you are uncertain as to whether your work or project falls within the domain of public performance.

No, the copyright of the music always remains the property of the composer, so you do not in any way own the music. When you purchase a license it only allows you to use the music for your projects and for the purposes established in the licensing agreement.

We have a team of talented professional composers and musicians who work exclusively for ApeTracks.com to create all the music we propose.

Some tracks might be available on other sites.

No. ApeTracks.com cannot refund you once you have purchased and downloaded a music file, unless there has been an error on our behalf.

Yes! All your music has to be owned by you 100% and have the full right to give out distribution and publishing rights. Please contact us as artists@apetracks.com