Borneo Nature Foundation (BNF)

Borneo Nature Foundation is a not-for-profit conservation organisation working to protect some of the most important areas of tropical rainforest and to safeguard the wildlife, environment and indigenous cultures of Borneo.

Taking a holistic approach to the challenges of habitat protection, BNF supports and empowers community-led initiatives to protect forest and biodiversity, including anti-logging patrols, fire-fighting teams, scientific research, environmental education and the replanting and restoration of damaged forests.

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PLANTING TREES IN BORNEO INDONESIA wants to support efforts in conservation and the fight against climate change. 

The Island of Borneo in Indonesia holds one of the last remaining rain forests in the world: it is home to a wide range of endemic flora and fauna, including the orangutan, and plays a vital role in regulating our climate.

This environment is under severe threat, however. Industrial agriculture, such as oil palm, and unsustainable livelihoods are threatening the forest, as well as the people who depend on it. In addition to the loss of an incredible natural habitat and resource, the destruction of the forest results in an enormous step back in the fight against climate change.

ApeTracks has selected two reputable, non-profit organisations that have been working in Borneo, Indonesia for many years. Their work has had a major impact in protecting and also understanding the complex issues this natural habitat faces.